Divine Doors

Good morning, from the mountains of Kentucky. I hope your spring is off to a great start. It’s a rainy spring day in the mountains today. I feel compelled to share this experience with my readers today. I hope it blesses you as much as it has blessed me.

Clouds over the mountains.

I awoke a few mornings ago with a word lingering in my thoughts and spirit. I have since repeatedly been hearing the word, doors. I’ve thought much about the word. Why was I hearing it, what did it mean? What was the hidden message behind this thought, this word? I would ponder and pray about the word, doors, and ask the Lord for an answer.

Doors serve many purposes. They can lead to unknown places, familiar places, opportunities, and adventures… and that’s just a minimal number of things that often await us behind a door.

God’s promises!

As I pondered and prayed about the significance of the word doors. I envisioned journeys and opportunities that might await, but for who? I wondered if this word was meant for me, a family member, or did it hold a significant meaning or message for the future. I wasn’t sure. Maybe, it was for all the above.

Confirmation came, not only once, but multiple confirmations came. Confirmation one came for our son-in-law, who had recently leased a small storefront to serve as an office. After a period of time, the office was no longer needed. Just as he was removing his last load of belongings from the office, a man stopped him as he exited the building and stated, you don’t know me and I don’t know you, but I feel that the Lord wants me to tell you something. Our son-in-law replied that he would like to hear what the man had to say. The stranger proceeded to tell him that the Lord wanted him to stop and tell him that when one door closed, the Lord will always open another door. And a door opened, a door of opportunity opened wide for him a few days later. Confirmation number one! I’ll share more about this opportunity at a later date.

The second confirmation came through a spoken word by a friend at church just as the Lord began to deal with my spirit that He wanted us, His children, to take His word through the doors of the church and out to others. He was speaking to me that we need to tell others about Him and share His word with them, but we needed to walk through the doors to do so. It’s great to assemble in the church to worship and fellowship, but He was saying there was work to do beyond the church doors. As my brother-in-law testified about the need to have a servant’s heart. I felt the tugging again that we were to take the word outside of the church and share God’s goodness with others. Confirmation number two. We must walk through the door to take the word, His word, out to others.

Let the Lord lead… and you follow.

Finally, the third confirmation showed up in a totally different way. The Lord allowed me to see a beautiful doorway in a vision yesterday. The doorway was divine, big, dark wood, and beautiful. It had intricate scrolling wood carvings, and beautiful green vines covering the outer edges. The door served as a gateway to a beautiful garden just beyond the door. The garden was full, lush, and green. It was alive with colorful blooms, and vibrant colors, and bees were buzzing around the blooms. It was alive! The Lord instilled within my spirit that just as the beautiful garden was alive… His word was alive. The garden door served as a gateway to a vision of God’s living word. We, as Christians, need to walk through our doors into the outside world and be living examples of His word, every day.

As always, feel free to leave a comment. God bless from the mountains of Kentucky!

He’s On Time…

Hello, from the mountains of Kentucky! Unseasonably warm temperatures have spoiled us in the mountains. I’m talking temperatures soaring into the seventies in January and February. Trees are blooming, bulbs are peeking out above ground, herbs are coming up, and the redbud trees have been alive with color. We all know that the weather can turn on a dime in the mountains of Kentucky. Meteorologists have recorded Kentucky having multiple seasons of weather in one day. So I shouldn’t have been so surprised when March came in with a vengeance! Snow yesterday and today I awoke to a frosty twenty degrees outside.

Spring will arrive on time and, as always, it will be welcomed. After all, He is always on time. Over the course of my life, I have found that to be true. He is on time. It’s not always our time when we want things done, or a situation changed, or a particular prayer answered, but in His time… He answers on time. Sometimes an answer comes quickly, other times almost immediately, and even still other times our answers seemed to be on hold or delayed. Either way, answers to prayers come in His time, and He is always on time.

I have found Him to be faithful. A very scary situation and experience occurred in my life this week that intensified and solidified my belief that He is an on-time God, even more than before. Early Monday morning as I was traveling to work at a high rate of speed on the Interstate, I noticed a small SUV in the outside lane of weaving between two vehicles in enter the middle lane. Fear engulfed me, as I wasn’t sure he was going to make it between the cars. Checking my mirrors to check the traffic behind me, I let off the gas to make sure I was far enough behind the thick traffic in case the driver clipped one of the cars. Amazingly enough, the SUV made it without hitting either car. But, the driver didn’t stop there. The SUV proceeded to enter the fast lane where I was traveling at now at least 75 miles per hour following a jeep at about two car lengths in front of me. The driver of the SUV tried to enter the lane in front of the jeep in front of me, who apparently was in the SUV’s blind spot.

The SUV hit the front passenger fender of the jeep in front of me and sent it crashing into the concrete wall that divides the north and south lanes. Hitting my brakes, I began to fishtail back and forth while the jeep in front of me was thrown and spinning widely back into oncoming traffic: me! I could hear tires squealing in all directions and from my own jeep. The gray jeep that was hit and now spinning out of control was coming directly at me! I began saying Lord help me, Jesus, repeatedly. That’s when I felt control over the situation. With the Lord’s help, I was able to maneuver through three lanes of traffic at a high rate and avoid the jeep twice as it spun through the lanes, as well as the parts that were flying off it.

Suddenly, I realized I had made it through without a scratch from the gray jeep that was still widely spinning trying to get control. I hadn’t hit the jeep or it hadn’t hit me. None of the flying parts had hit me, or none of the other traffic has hit me or anyone else that was just traveling along as I was. Meanwhile, I had forgotten that I had my pastor and his wife blue-toothed into my jeep talking about prayer. I heard her asking, “are you okay?” she explained that all she could hear was a loud crash and tires squealing… and me saying, Lord help me Jesus repeatedly.

I assured her I was okay, and we said a prayer for the other drivers. I explained what happened and kept traveling, giving God the praises for His hand of mercy on me and the others. I saw the state police arriving and the SUV that had caused the horrible wreck stopped on the shoulder. The police would take care of the wreck. Jesus took care of me! He is an on-time God!

Traveling back to work two days later was a bit unnerving. I have driven the interstate for forty-plus years and never really had a fear of the fast pace, or the heavy traffic, until now. I prayed as always before I left for sage travels and asked for angles around my jeep. I entered the traffic on the interstate and directed my thoughts to the traffic, His goodness, and prayed for safety. Shortly thereafter, the heavy traffic began to dissipate and a wonderful thing appeared just out in front of me. Check the picture out below. Just another reminder that He is on time and Jesus is and always will be, Lord.

This gave me comfort as I drove the same road where a near-fatality crash occurred only two days prior.