The Journey Continues


The Journey Continues

It feels great to be blogging again! I have missed reading posts and also missed sharing posts. Life of a professor can sometimes be a bit overwhelming, and time-consuming, but also always a blessing. I have some wonderful news to share with you! But first…a few thoughts this morning from the Mountains of Kentucky.

As I drank the the deliciousness of my coffee and gazed outside the window this morning I savored the beauty of the mountains, the small signs of spring that are gradually beginning to grace our community, and the simplicity of life. I also thought about life and the many changes that happen along the way. I’ve heard it said, I’ve said it, and I’ll say it again, “Life is truly an epic journey.” My journey to live a healthier clean life has been filled with adventures, discoveries, joy, errors, and successes and it continues, only now with a new endeavor, or shall I say a new adventure!

When I travel or go on vacation, or read a good multi-plot book, I want the journey to be epic, full of adventures, a sense of newness, and sense of excitement to fill me. Life itself should be the same way. Lately I noticed a craving, a need for change and newness, a desire for a new adventure. And so, with that desire for change…the journey on a new route began! I am excited about this new adventure as I have found so much satisfaction, pleasure, excitement, and newness along the way.

So, what is this new adventure? Well, if you know me, you know that I have always loved fruits and vegetables, and never really been a big fan of meat. I admit that I did occasionally enjoy a piece of fish, chicken, an occasional egg, and even a few slices of turkey for special occasions, but for the most part I realized that I was extremely happy without meat. I have discovered that I really enjoy this change, this sense of newness, the freshness, the vitality and excitement of eating healthier, and truly that I feel better with simply eating organic and what the earth produces.

I guess your curious as to how it all began. Well, some time ago, I began to dabble with what I referred to as, no meat Monday. Monday’s way of eating gradually became Tuesday’s food choice, and then Wednesday, and etc. I realized that I really do NOT miss consuming meat. I have found that there are many alternatives to meat that are very versatile, delicious, and mimic meat in texture that also leave me feeling full and satisfied, and that are filled with flavor and satisfaction. But, most of all, I feel a newness, healthier, and better about myself, and our animal friends. I look forward to experimenting and trying new ideas, recipes, going to the grocery store, and the sensation of exploring new foods…tasty foods!

I am super excited to share with you my progress, discoveries, new recipes, twists on old recipes, suggestions, and tips of how to create tasty and exciting new dishes that include some vegan friendly recipes and also a few vegetarian recipes. So, the big question that I am often asked is, have I become a vegetarian or a vegan? The answer to that is. I like to eat healthy! I like to eat what the earth produces! I like to refer to myself as a clean eating advocate who loves plant food, vegan food, and healthy food!

I hope you enjoy traveling this epic journey with me and enjoy the new and exciting recipes that I am eager to share with you. I would love to hear from you and find out some of your favorite vegan and some vegetarian recipes, tips, and ideas, but all clean! Be sure to come back and visit soon as I am going to share one of my favorite recipes for clean and vegan friendly no bake cookies and vegan friendly taco salad. I love eating healthy and eating clean and also sharing ideas with my readers. Thank you for your support and for stopping by my little part of the world in the mountains of Kentucky.


I can’t wait to share this new and exciting VEGAN TACO SALAD recipe with you! It’s delicious!