How I Saved 106.86 My Last Shopping Trip Using Apps and Coupons!

After my original post, I discovered that I had saved even more! How? By using the Wal-Mart Savings Catcher app. I saved .87 cents more on the 16.5 lb of Purina dog food! So, actually only paid .13 cents for the bag of dog food! I plan to stock our one hundred gallon tub this week for about 1.13! Now that’s saving!

A Healthier Me...Simple & Clean

Okay, so when I embarked on this clean eating journey my food intake changed dramatically, as did my grocery bill. Many of the foods that became a staple in my pantry wereon my husband’s list offavorite foods to eat. I found myselfbuying groceries for two different menus. To decrease the expenses we decided it was time to increases the produce in our garden. We both enjoyed the majority of the vegetables. I saved a bundle on zucchini, squash, cucumbers, and cantaloupe alone! As much as this helped our budget, encouraged me to eat healthy, and also provided vegetables for our family,therewere some things on my grocery list thatwe couldn’tgrow!

Ihad a desire and a needtoreduce my grocery bill.I was determined to find ways to trim back, and cut corners. So, I decided that coupons would be my first choice.I’ve always enjoyed saving a little money here and there with coupons,but…

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